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Week 7

Text Challenge 1

Back in Week 1 the challenge was to write a program that reversed a word.
In this new challenge you have to write a program that will test if a given word is a palindrome (the same backwards as it is forwards)


INPUT: racecar
OUTPUT: That is a palindrome


INPUT: chameleon
OUTPUT: That is not a palindrome

Extension: Modify your program so that case, spaces and punctuation are ignored.


INPUT: Madam, I’m Adam
OUTPUT: That is a palindrome

Text Challenge 2 Discussione

Write a program that will reverse each individual word in a sentence but leave the order of words unchanged.


INPUT: Hasta la vista
OUTPUT: atsaH al atsiv

Graphical Challenge

In Week 6, Graphical Challenge 1 asked you to write a program to display a bar chart for data input by the user.
Modify this program to display the data as a Pie Chart.

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