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Use the Small Basic Turtle to write your name (or anything else) on the screen.


Write a program that will turn and move the turtle according to the user’s input from the TextWindow


Get the Turtle to draw a Christmas tree or other festive shape (e.g. a star).


Write a program to place a randomly sized and positioned rectangle on the GraphicsWindow and then get the Turtle to draw round the rectangle’s perimeter.


Write a program to write the following figures in one stroke.


  1. Generate a maze.
  2. Solve the maze with Turtle.


  1. Write a program where the turtle tries to follow the mouse.
  2. For more of a challenge, don’t use the Turtle.MoveTo command!


  1. Use the turtle to draw a 5 pointed star.
  2. Use the turtle to write your name.


Write a short turtle program (10 lines or less) to draw interesting patterns.
Here is an example to get you started – try different mathematical combinations.

Turtle.Speed = 10
For i = 1 To 600


Write a maze game that is navigated by the turtle, using arrow keys.
Perhaps add a timer to see how quickly the player can navigate the maze.
The trickiest bit will be preventing the turtle cross maze boundaries – perhaps share suggestions for this bit.


Write a simple Logo interpreter which has following 6 commands:

  1. FORWARD n (to move the turtle n pixels)
  2. RIGHT n (to rotate the turtle right n degrees)
  3. LEFT n (to rotate the turtle left n degrees)
  4. PENUP (to lift the pen up)
  5. PENDOWN (to set the pen down)
  6. REPEAT n [commands] (to repeat commands n times)


Use the Turtle to follow your mouse.


Write program with buttons to move the Turtle in the GraphicsWindow.


Write a Turtle program to draw a triangle, square, pentagon and circle.


Write a Turtle program to move the turtle in a figure of 8


Create an arrow (or use Turtle) that always points towards the mouse as you move the mouse over the GraphicsWindow


Write a program to get the Turtle to draw equal sided shapes with a user entered number of sides (3 to 20).


Get the turtle to draw one or more of the following shapes:

  1. Square
  2. Circle
  3. Ellipse
  4. 5 pointed star
  5. Kite
  6. Rhombus
  7. Hexagon
  8. Equilateral tringle


Draw super colorful spiral using the Turtle.
Consider using color, line width, transparency and other methods to make the spiral a bright and interesting as possible.


Write a program where the turtle keeps moving towards the mouse position.


Load the image of a maze below into the GraphicsWindow, then get the turtle to navigate the maze.


Use the Turtle to draw a coloured ‘tartan’ checked pattern.
Use different pen widths and transparency and maybe the same repeating pattern vertically and horizontally using subroutines.


Flower Challenge
Draw a turtle image like a flower.

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