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Week 6

Text Challenge 1 Discussione

Write a program that counts the number of words in a sentence that the user enters.
E.g. “We don’t need no education” should display 5.

Text Challenge 2

Write a program to validate an email address that the user enters.
The program should respond with “That is a valid email address” or “That is not a valid email address”.
To get started have a read of this article.

Graphical Challenge 1

Write a program that allows the user to enter the quantities (integer numbers ranging from 0 to 100) for five different categories (that the user can name) and then display a Bar Chart of this data with appropriate labels on the axes.

Graphical Challenge 2

Write a program that allows you to use the left and right arrow keys to move a spaceship clockwise or anti-clockwise around a circle.
The ship should always face toward the centre of the circle like in the classic Gyrus game.

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