Week 9

 Easy Challenge

For the absolute beginner to programming
Write a Text Window program that asks the user for a width and height.
The program will then draw a rectangle with these dimensions using asterisks (*)

What is the width? 10
What is the height? 5
Here is your rectangle:


Intermediate Challenge

For people with some programming knowledge
Write a program that allows you to move a graphic around the screen (up, down, left and right) by using the arrow keys.
The graphic should always face the direction that it is moving.
When the space bar is pressed the graphic should shoot a bullet in the direction that it is facing.

Advanced Challenge

You are doing very well if you can do this!
Write a program to draw the Sierpinski Triangle fractal shown below.
There are various algorithms that can be used.
See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sierpinski_triangle for more information and possible algorithms.

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