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Challenge 2019-01

What's your moon phase personality? | Wishing Moon

Graphics Challenge

  1. Draw a picture of a space ship
  2. Give it a cool space starry background
  3. Draw the phases of the moon

Turtle Challenge

Use the Turtle to draw a coloured ‘tartan’ checked pattern.
Use different pen widths and transparency and maybe the same repeating pattern vertcally and horizontally using subroutines.

Farquharson Ancient Medium Weight Tartan Fabric ...

Silhouette Gears On A White Background Stock Footage Video ...

Geometry Challenges

  1. Write a program to draw a pentagon
  2. Write a program to draw a 5 pointed star
  3. Write a program to draw a cog
  4. Write a program to draw a cog wheel that rotates
  5. Write a program with two meshed cogs that turn
  6. Finally, white a program with 3 or more meshed rotating cogs

GUI Challenge

White an interface with buttons to move backwards and forwards through a list of options.
Each time the an option is selected new options are presented from the list.
The list could be anything, perhaps the colours of the rainbow.
Add an image or description of the currently selected item.
Try using partially transparent buttons covering textboxes to change the buttons’ text.

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