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Challenge 2018-09

Graphics Challenges 1

For these challenges DON’T use the Shapes or Controls methods:

  1. Draw an ellipse with the turtle.
  2. Draw a filled ellispse with the turtle.
  3. Draw a button with mouse over that changes the button color, and mouse click events.

Graphics Challenges 2

Using any Small Basic methods:

  1. Make a textbox that copies the text typed in it to the GrapicsWindow and resets the textbox to be blank when Return is pressed.
  2. Draw a snail shell, starfish or anemone.

Text Challenge

  1. Use the TextWindow to input a number and say if it is odd or even.
  2. Use the TextWindow to input the user’s name and then hold a simple conservation, asking questions.
    Try to use the user replies to adapt the consersation.
    For eample:

What is you name?


Hello Fred, what is your favorite color?


I saw a red ballon today.  Do you have any red clothes?

Physics challenge

Make a Newton’s cradle.

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