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Challenge 2018-08

Graphics Challenge

  1. Draw a face which includes eyes, ears, nose, mouth, hair and teeth.
  2. Draw a scenery which includes trees, mountains, sun, houses etc.
  3. Draw your own favorite outdoor game. For example, Basket ball, Football, Baseball etc.

Maths Challenge

  1. Make your own math evaluator, That can evaluate the problems we enter in a textbox. For eg, “1+2” , “6-3”, “10*3” , “150/3”.
  2. Write program that can give the sum of digits of a number. For example, if you type 63345, it should give the answer as 6+3+3+4+5=21

Extension Challenge

  • Write a extension for Small Basic using C# ,VB.NET, F# , Visual C++.NET which can add SaveFileDialog and OpenFileDialog.

Other Challenges

  1. Make your own music player that can start, stop, resume and pause music.
  2. Make your own File Explorer like Windows Explorer, that can copy and paste files and view folders.
  3. Make your own Image viewer that can view images from URL or file.

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