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Challenge 2018-07

Ball | KingstonGraphics Challenges

  1. Write a program to change the background colour of the GraphicsWindow.
    Increase the red, blue or green components by pressing the R, G, B keys.
    Reduce the colour components when the Shift key is held down.
  2. White a program to draw a classic soccer ball.
  3. Write a program to load an image, then spin, zoom and fade the image using key presses.

Maths Challenge

Wrire a program to recursively sum the digits of a number until there is only one number.

For example the number 1654876 is summed to 1+6+5+4+8+7+6 = 37, which is summed to 3+7 = 10, which is summed to 1+0 = 1.

As a follow-up.  Are reduced sum of digids (1- 9) evenly distributed, equally likely or are some more common for a large number of integers?  Are there any other patterns or comclusions that you can find?

Game Challenge

Write a simple World Cup penaly shoot-out program.
It could be 2 player or against the computer.

Turtle Challenge

Write a program where the turtle keeps moving towards the mouse position.

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