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Challenge 2018-06

TextWindow Challenge

Get the user to enter some letters.
Then output whether they are:

  • All consonants
  • All vowels
  • A mixture

Stopwatch Challenge

Write a program to create a handy stopwatch, with Start/Stop, Pause and Reset functionality, while displaying the elapsed seconds and minutes.

Graphics Challenge

Draw some balloons that float around the GraphicsWindow.
Perhaps add strings, trailing down.

Can you pop them when you click one with the mouse.

Design Contemporary Ideas: Balloon Decorations

Probability Maths Challenge

Based on a recent Small Basic thread by antioio glez, can you simulate the Monty Hall problem in the GraphicsWindow.
Perhaps 3 buttons representing the doors, that are hidden as doors are selected to reveal a prize or not behind.
The host (computer) asks you to select a prize winning door (there is one prize randomly selecetd behind one of the doors).
After you have chosen, he reveals one of the other doors that has a booby prize, do you one to keep or change your choice of door to win the prize?

Maths Challenge

Draw shapes: rectangles, triangles, circles, ellipses or others that have either:

  • Area of 10000 pixels
  • Perimeter of 400 pixels

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