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Challenge 2018-05

Colorful Hypnotic Spiral | - The Image Kid ...

Graphics Challenge

Draw super colorful spiral using the Turtle.
Consider using color, line width, transparency and other methods to make the spiral a bright and interesting as possible.

Musics Challenge

Choose a musical instrument, perhaps trumpet, piano or drums etc.

Think of a suitable way to play it (Key Presses, Mouse Clicks etc) and make it play music realistically by mimicing pressing the instrument keys or other action.

TextWindow Challenge

Get the user to input some text in the TextWindow.

Write the program to:

  1. Accept any text input
  2. Accept only a number as input
  3. Accept only a 7 digit number
  4. Accept only a 7 digit number where the digits sum to 30 (e.g. 4637811)
  5. Accept only a 2 word name where each name starts with a capital (e.g. John Smith)

The last 3 are harder and may take a little more imagination to code to work exactly like the first 2.

Maths Challenge

Get the Turtle (or another way) to draw the main conic sections.

These are:

  1. Circle
  2. Ellipse
  3. Parabola
  4. Hyperbola

Community Suggestion

By mussamaina

CPW302 – Blink the eyes of this face by extending the code only don’t change the program – LINK

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