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Challenge 2018-03

Game Challenge

Write a simple stone paper scissors game to play against the computer.

TextWindow Challenge

Write programs to:

  1. Count the number of vowels and consonants in a sentense.
  2. Capitalise the first letter of each word in a sentence.
  3. Scroll a sentence in the TextWindow.

Turtle Interface Challenge

Write an interface GUI (Graphical User Interface) program to input commands for the turtle to move.
Perhaps turn, forwards, pen-up/down etc.

Graphics Challenges

  1. Draw a dart board.
  2. Write a GraphicsWindow program to draw an alien.
    It can be any kind of alien, as fantastical as you like.

Maths Challenge

Extended from last month’s challenge calculating dice probabilities.
Some a bit harder this time, perhaps using random number tests to approximate solutions.

Calculate the probablitiy of:

  1. Getting a combined score greater than 14 (15 or more) when rolling 4 dice.
  2. Rolling at least one pair with the same value when rolling 3 dice.
  3. Getting 4 consecutive numbers when rolling 4 dice.
  4. Gettng 3 of a kind, 2 of a kind and one other value when rolling 5 dice.
  5. Getting a combined score less than or equal to 20 using 10 dice.
  6. Rolling a score of 7 with 2 dice, 6 times in a row.
  7. Rolling a score of 7 with 2 dice at least 3 times out of 6 rolls.

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