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Challenge 2018-01

Text Challenges

  1. Write a program to read 2 numbers from the TextWindow and then output a line saying which number is the largest, for example 2 and 7 entered gives “7 is greater than 2”
  2. Write a program to read 2 letters from the TextWindow and output all letters (inclusive) in the alphabet between the 2 letters entered, for example d and l entered gives “defghijkl”

Graphics Challege

  • Write a program to draw snow flakes – ideally they should have symmetry in 6 directions (hexagonal symmetry) and each one should be unique, using random numbers in some way.

Snowflakes Icon Collection Vector | Free Vector Graphics ...

Calendar Challenge

  • Write a calendar program that shows the days in each month for 2018
  • Include buttons to move between the months
  • Add Flickr images appropriate for each month – change the image each time you display a month

Game Challenge

  • I wrote a starting point for an arcade style shooting game, import NTG546
  • It includes a basic game structure, mouse and keyboard entry, bullets and bombs with collision detection
  • The challenge is to take this basic strcture and turn it into a proper game
  • Consider if you want mouse or keyboard control, images and background, levels with increasing difficulty, special effects, sound, scoring etc.
    The most important thing is a fun and engaging game play.

Community Suggestions

By Roshan

  1. Write a program that can load all variables (even which are used in for loop) of a file with (.sb) extension.
  2. Make a simple colour slider that can select colours

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