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Challenge 2017-12


Small Challenges

  1. Write a program to output 10 randomly selected numbers between 100 and 200 (inclusive)
  2. Write a program to randomly change the GraphicsWindow bacground when a consonant letter is pressed.
    If a vowel is pressed, then make a beep, and if any other key is pressed then end the program.
  3. Write a program to draw a parallelogram outline
  4. Write a program to draw a filled parallelogram

Graphics Challenges

  1. Draw a picture of you favourite music album cover.
  2. Create a simple car that can move with arrow keys.
  3. As a harder challenge add a trail of smoke behind the car that gradually disperses as the car moves.


Maths Challenge

  1. Write a program to get the Turtle to draw equal sided shapes with a user entered number of sides (3 to 20).
  2. As a harder challenge, make sure all of the polygons have the same area.

Text Challenge

  1. Write a program to output some text in RTF (rich text format) format.
  2. Try to change font type, size and color.
  3. If you get this going, then write a small interface program to select font, size and color using buttons etc.


  1. Use wordpad to create and view RTF.
  2. Use notepad to view the rtf format.

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