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Challenge 2017-11

Graphics Challenges

  1. Create drawings of different kind of tree leaves
  2. Draw an isometric projection drawing of a house

Animation Challenge

  • Create a moving animation of a person or other animal (spider, snake etc) with animated limbs or other body parts

Maths Challenge

Small Basic import IDs are 3 upper case letters followed by 3 numbers

  1. How many possible combinations are there
  2. Write a program to generate 1000 distinct (all different) random IDs
  3. Can you speed the program up – HINT the IDs only need to ‘appear’ random

TextWindow Game Challenge

  • Create a TextWindow base hangman game

File:Pendulum 2 (PSF).png - The Work of God's Children

Physics Challenge

  • Create a realistic simulation of a swinging pendulum

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