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Challenge 2017-10

TextWindow Challenges

  1. Write a simple TextWindow based battleships game.
  2. Write a program to convert some text to a string of numbers (like a code) – the challenge is to also write a method to convert the number string back to text.

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Graphics Challenge

  • White a program to draw a fairground ride, use animation if you can.
    Also, try to do it with native GraphicsWindow shapes and not just display a complete image.

Maths Challenge

  • Write a program to calculate the sum of all numbers less than 1000 (1 to 999) that:
    1. Are divisible by 7
    2. Are perfect squares, 1, 4, 9 etc.
    3. That when multipled together equal 1000, eg (1,1000),(2,500),(4,5,50) (only use each number once and summ all the numbers found)

Community Suggestions

By Papa Lapub

  1. PaletteViewer
    1. Write a program to save colors (eg. SB supported HTML colors, websafe colors, …) to a PDN Palette.txt or GIMP Palette.gpl file.
    2. Write a program to read this .txt or .gpl palette file and show it’s colors visually (perhaps with infos like name, #hex, R,G,B)
  2. RuntimeControls
    Write a program which allows it to add controls like Button, (ML)TB during its own runtime.
    The added controls also have to work with events.

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