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Challenge 2017-09

Text Challenge

  • Write a program to loop through the characters in a string, moving the first character to the end until all characters have been moved

“Hello World” -> “ello WorldH” -> “llo WorldHe” -> “lo WorldHel” -> … -> “Hello World”

Interface Challenge

  • Write an interface to play songs on your PC.
    It should have input for a folder where your files are, and a way to select and play, stop one of the music files.

Graphics Challenge

  • Write a program to draw lightning flashes

Test Program Challenge

  • Write some simple short programs to test all the features of one one the Small Basic objects

Physics Challenge

  • Write a program to show white light being split into rainbow colours by a glass prism.
    To make it harder make it so that the direction of the input white light can be moved (check out Snell’s law).

Game Challenge

  • Write a simple Bejeweled game, just using coloured circles

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