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Challenge 2017-06

Small Challenges

  1. Write a program to input numbers from a user and only accept numbers that are a perfect square (e.g. 4, 9, 121)
  2. Write a program to print out the first 20 Fibonacci numbers
  3. Create a Fibonacci curve

Graphics Challenges

  1. Create an arrow (or use Turtle) that always points towards the mouse as you move the mouse over the GraphicsWindow
  2. Create a neon sign – add any text or images or even make it flash

Physics Challenge

  1. Create an image that shows the field lines between a positive and negative charge
  2. Try to extend it to show field lines when then the user adds positive and/or negative charges anywhere on the GraphicsWindow

Text Challenge

  1. Create a program to count the number of lines, words and charaters in a file.  For this challenge a word is any connected set of alpha-numeric characters of any case (a-z,A-Z,0-9)
  2. Use the program to count lines, words and characters in your program file
  3. The challenge is to use the smallest number of lines, words or characters

Game Challenge

  • Create a ‘hangman’ word game

Community Suggestions

  • Dictionary / Word game challenge – (By Coding Cat)

I created a dictionary array in Small Basic.
I limited it to 3000 common words of length five or more to allow it to be imported.

I think it would be fun to see what people can do with it.

The dictionary array: HKZ204

The app I wrote to create the word array from any list of words: HDJ631-0

  • How many triangles – (By Anti-Freeze)
Sub Puzzle

I have written my first little Small Basic program to calculate the answer but would welcome an independent view or solution which would verify my result.

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