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Challenge 2017-05

Small Challenges

  1. Write a program to draw a tree with fruit on it
  2. Write a TextWindow program to say ‘Good Morning’, ‘Good Afternoon’, ‘Good Evening’ or ‘Good Night’ depending on the time of day
  3. Write a GraphicsWindow program to display small squares with as many different colours as you can – what is the maximum number of possible colours that can be displayed?

Controls Challenge

  1. Write a GraphicsWindow program with buttons and textboxes to enter numbers to display in a table.
    The program also automatically displays the current total (sum of all entered numbers)
  2. Extend to include other buttons to clear the data, save to a file, restore data from a file
  3. Extend further to add additional feature buttons to maybe highlight the min max values etc

Graphics Challenge

  1. Write a program to draw a boat, perhaps a pirate ship
  2. Try to add some animation, so the whole boat or some part moves, like a fluttering flag

Cipher Challenge

  1. Write a ciper to encrypt and decrypt a message
  2. Some ideas on ciphers
  3. Learn about public and private key encryption and when they are used – and of course write your own

Game Challenge

  • Write a car lane changing game where you have to avoid traffic by changing lanes

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