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Challenge 2017-03

Array Challenge

  1. Write a program to split a sentence into an array of words
  2. Extend the program to sort the array or words alphabetically
  3. Extend the program to reverse the order of words in the array

TextWindow Challenge

  • Write a TextWindow clock program

Maths Challenge

  • Write a program to calculate e (base of natural logarithms) only using standard Small Basic

Sign Language | New Calendar Template SiteGraphics Challenges

  1. Write a program to flash some text for a period on the GraphicsWindow
  2. Extend the program to start and stop the flashing with a mouse click
  3. Write a program to scroll Flickr images across the GraphicsWindow
  4. Write a program to spell your name in sign language, with animations of the hads if needed

Game Challenge

  • Write a ten pin bowling game

Ford County Special Olympics Bowling Sets First Practice | Ford County ...

Community Suggestions

  1. Quilt Program (by Evelyn Rothman) LINK
  2. Perhaps show a national pattern for your country or area like KUMIKO or TARTAN.
  3. Driving a Golf Ball (by YLed) LINK
  4. Law of momentum (by YLed) LINK

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