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Challenge 2017-01

Keyboard Challenges

Suggested last month by mussamaina some challenges using keyboard keys.

  1. Write a program to move a sprite on the GraphicsWindow using arrow keys.
    Try to make it as smooth and responsive as possible.
  2. Extend the program to make the sprite jump when the space key is pressed.
  3. Extend the program to drag and drop the sprite using the mouse when left mouse button is down.
  4. Write a program to make the GraphicsWindow behave like the TextWindow so you can emulate as  many of the TextWindow commands as possible, like WriteLine, Read etc.
  5. Write a program to work like a simple musical instrument using keyboard keys to play notes

Small Challenges

  1. Write a Turtle program to draw a triangle, square, pentagon and circle.
  2. Write a program to count down from 100 in 1 second intervals.
  3. Write a program to add 10 numbers entered by a user.
  4. Write a program to draw a hand.
  5. Write a program to randomly position, color, size and rotate 100 squares in the GraphicsWindow.

Physics Challenge

  1. Write a program to display the planets moving round the sun – try to get the orbit times roughly correct.
  2. Add the moon orbiting the earth.
  3. Add some comets with elliptical orbits around the sun – they move faster when near the sun.

Elliptical orbits were first described by Johannes Kepler and later explained by Isaac Newton.


TextWindow Game Challenge

Write a TextWindow based adventure game.
The important part will be to plan out the game first, like what the player needs to find along the way to progress.

GrahicsWindow Game Challenge

  1. Write a simple putting game like
  2. Perhaps several could colabrate to make different levels or even write the game so that it is easy to add levels.

Community Suggestions

(by YLed) Meteor shower Quadrantids  LINK

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