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Challenge 2016-11

TextWindow Challenge

Write a scrolling text banner for the TextWindow.
It should continuously scroll and repeat itself.

Graphics Challenge

Draw some of the new Small Basic logos or mascot and even animate them if you can.

  1. Road to Small Basic 1.3 Blog #1 – Exploring New Logos
  2. Road to Small Basic 1.3 Blog #2 – New Mascot

Refactor Challenge

Last month gucerni made a great tick tac toe game.
Here it is BJX729.
There is a lot of similar repeated code in it.
The challenge is to modify the code to be as short as possible (while keeping the functionality identical).
Who can do it in the least lines?

As a second part to the challenge can you improve the AI so it the computer plays better and wins if the human player makes a mistake.

Game Challenge

Write a draughts (also called checkers) 2 player game.
The hard part will be validating that a move is allowed.
If you get this going then the AI to play against the computer should also be pssible, but this is a tough challenge.

Community Challenges

  • Guitar chords (By YLed) – LINK
  • Draw Freehand Like Picture (By Nonki) – LINK
  • Substractive Color (By YLed) – LINK

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