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Challenge 2016-09

Turtle Challenge

Write program with buttons to move the Turtle in the GraphicsWindow.

Multitasking Challenge

Write a program to do several things at the same time.
There are two main ways to try to do this using event threads like the Timer or by time slicing (game loop).
Try to the find solutions that can be easiy extended.
Some of the things to do ‘in parallel’ below are harder than others.
Try to write a program to do as many of the following at the same time – no extensions.

  1. Continually change the GraphicsWIndow backgrund colour every second between black and white
  2. Get the Turtle to keep moving round the outside edge of the GraphicsWindow in a rectangle
  3. Keep randomly repositioning the GraphicsWindow on the desktop every 2.5 seconds
  4. Play the Click sound every 3.2 seconds
  5. Add an ellipse shape that changes its colour every 0.5 seconds
  6. Continually move an ellipse shape in the GraphicsWindow like a bouncing ball
  7. Anything else you can think of

TextWindow Challenge

Create a program that accepts some text from the user and randomly does one the following with it.

  1. Reverse all the letters
  2. Echo with all vowels in red
  3. Colour the words Red, Yellow, Red etc
  4. Replace all numbers with an *

Screen shot of a program Draw Arc 0.2Community Suggestion Challenges

  1. 2D or 3D dices rolling simulation (By YLed) LINK
  2. Sun vs Betelgeuse (By YLed) LINK
  3. Draw a Face (By Nonki) LINK
  4. Photograms (By YLed) LINK

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