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Challenge 2016-07

text-in-a-circleGraphics Challenge

Create some text that rotates in a circle.

Physics Challenge

Make a chain by joining small balls that moves realistically when you drag an end with the mouse.

Maths Challenge

Create a subroutine to draw 3, 4, 5… sided regular sided polygon shapes with equal area or equal total perimeter.

Game Challenge

Create an axon type game.

Nokia Snake 3.11: Check out this version of the snake game commonly ...

Community Suggestions

  1. Code Sample (By Nonki) – LINK
  2. Snake game (By AbsoluteBeginner) – LINK
  3. JUPITERs moons (ByYLed) – LINK
  4. Names database (By martmen) – LINK
  5. Auto Loan Calculator (By YLed) – LINK

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