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Challenge 2016-05

Table Update

  1. Write a program to display a simple table of data like the scores for 10 students
  2. Extend the program so that it reads the data from a file
  3. Extend it further so that the table display is automatically updated when the fie contents change

Swipe login

Make a 9 zone ‘swipe’ login screen like you get on phones

Binary Lights

  1. Write a program to show the binary value for numbers – the lights change when the number is changed or entered by the user
  2. Perhaps extend to a binary digit clock

Sum of Digits

  • Write a program to recursively sum all the digits in a number
  • There is a pattern for any number divisible by 9
    For example 561096 : 5+6+1+0+9+6 = 27 : 2+7 = 9

Community Suggestion

By Coding Cat

Rotation in Stages

  1. Placing multiple shapes around a circle
    Example: Peddles on a flower
  2. Rotating the shapes around the center
    Example: Farris Wheel
  3. Rotating the shapes themselves as they rotate around the center
    Example: A rotating marquee, where the bottoms of the letters always face the center
  4. Vary the radius of the of the circle as the shapes rotates
    Example: The rotating letters would pulse in and out from the center as they rotated.

By Lvan Leduc

These suggestions come on separate discussion threads.

  1. Convert a color image into a Black and White INFRARED effect – LINK
  2. Domination CHESS problems – LINK
  3. The mysterious number – LINK
  4. Who’s gonna win the Stanley Cup this year? – LINK
  5. 3 points of perspective graphic view – LINK

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