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Challenge 2016-03

Text Challenges

  1. DiscussioneWrite a program to count the number of vowels in a sentense.
  2. Write a program to translate a sentence between some of the languages supported by the Dictionaryobject.
  3. DiscussioneWrite a program to write out the times tables to the TextWindow.
    Use colour and positioning to tabulate the numbers to make the display clear and easy to read.

Graphics Challenges

  1. Write a program to flash an object when the mouse passes over it.
  2. Extend the program to have several randomly positioned shapes.
  3. Write a program to move objects with some depth perspective – objects further away appear to move more slowly, they may also be fainter and be positioned behind foreground objects to help the effect.
  4. Modify the program to move some stationary (or even moving) objects at different distances when the user’s view changes.
  5. Write a program with subroutines to move Triangle and Line shapes.
    The subroutines should be able to move the shapes so their center is at defined coodinates.
  6. Write a program to rotate and move a Line shape so that it rotates like a second hand on a watch.
  7. Write a program to write a musical phrase for use with the Music object to standard notation on a stave.

Maths Challenges

  1. DiscussioneWrite a program to solve quadratic equations.
  2. Write a program to calculate all the internal angles of a triangle from the coordinates of the corners.

Game Challenges

  1. Write a simple FPS (first person shooter) game.
    When you move in an FPS, it is the player’s view that moves – this is the same as moving the objects in the view in the opposite direction.
  2. Write a solitair marbles game.


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