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Challenge 2015-10

DiscussioneGraphics Challenge

Draw regular 5, 7 and 9 pointed stars.

Physics Challenge

In a Newton's cradle, when the ball on the end strikes the others it ...Create an animation of Newton’s cradle.

Controls Challenge

Create some additional controls in the GraphicsWindow without using extensions.

  1. A read-only textbox
  2. Radio buttons
  3. A password entry textbox
  4. Create your own button with mouse-over and button press events, not using the button control, this way your button can have fancy colour or other effects
  5. Any other controls you fancy

Text Challenge

Create a program to draw a histogram of the frequency of letters in a text file.

Extension Challenge

Create your own extension in C# or VB to calculate the prime factors of a number.

Game Challenge

Platform Game Tiles By combining groups of tilesWrite a simple ‘platform game’, where a player jumps between platforms.

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