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Challenge 2015-08

Small Challenges

  1. Write a program to count the number of clicks in a GraphicsWindow program a user makes and the total distance the mouse moves.
  2. Write a program to input a user’s name and address, then display it in a fancy way in the TextWindow using the TextWindow methods, BackgroundColor, ForegroundColor, CursorLeft and CursorTop.

shark_icon.jpgGraphics Challenges

  1. Make an animation of rain, snow or wind that can be used with another game to make bacgrounds more interesting
  2. Draw a shark swimming
  3. Create some emoji for Small Basic

Text Challenges

  1. Write a program to correct the capitalisation of any occurances of a set of keywords.
    For example replace for with For or ENDSUB with EndSub.
  2. Use this program to write a larger program which can define a set of keywords and apply the corrections to a file.
    This could then be used to format a Small Basic program file.
  3. You could also have an option to convert all other (non-keyword) text into lower or upper case.

Physics Challenge

  • Create an animation of a missile being fired (parabola trajectory).
    Its landing position will depend on the angle it is fired up at.
  • This could be used in the Tank Game challenge.
  • Here is a previous question on this.

Community Suggestion

(By Nonki)

Write a program to edit following Wiki markup.
These markup should be formatted like this.

  • *bold*
  • _italics_
  •  +underline+
  •  ! Heading 1
  •  !! Heading 2
  •  !!! Heading 3
  •  * Bullet List
  •  ** Bullet List 2
  •  # Number List
  •  ## Number List 2
  •  [image:Turtle.png]
  • ||Table Heading 1||Table Heading 2||
    |Row 1 – Cell 1|Row 1 – Cell 2|
    |Row 2 – Cell 1|Row 2 – Cell 2|
  • —-

(By Jibba Jabba)

Inspired from Zock, setup and write a Tank Game.
The image is from this blog post featuring a tank game by Zock77.


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