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Challenge 2015-07

Text Challenge

  1. Write a program to replace all occurences of a letter in a sentence with *.
  2. Write a program to capitalise the first letter of every word with 4 or more characters in a sentense.
  3. Write a program to reverse the characters in the longest word of a sentence.

Small Challenge

  1. Write a stop-watch program.
  2. Draw an animation of an egg timer.
  3. Calculate the number of seconds untill your next birthday or another notable date.

Graphics Challenge

Write a program to animate a skydiver jumping from a plane, then opennig a parachute and landing.

Game Challenge

  1. Write a game to control a plane in the GraphicsWindow.
    This could be the start of a flight simulator.
    It should have a power up down and some way to turn.
    Maybe you could code how to take off and land.
    Perhaps a split screen with plan and elevation views.
  2. Write a simple tennis game – it is Wimbledon season.

Community Suggestion

By ProffessionalOfSmallBasic

Game Challenge – Make a Castle Destroy game like Angry Birds.

By Nonki

Calculate Napier’s constant e (the base of the natural logarithm).

By Jibba Jabba and Ezra

Solitair – Make a solitair card game, some possible stating code here DVW399 bassed on this thread ‘Solitaire Drag and Drop Prototype‘.

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