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Challenge 2015-06

TextWindow Challenge

Create some ASCII art, either from an image or not.

Graphics Challenge

Write a program to draw the phases of the moon for this month.

2015 Moon details for Newport, Isle of Wight

Game Challenge

Write a program to play round pong.
This is just the paddle pong game played inside a circle, with bats that rotate around the perimeter, rather than up and down, for example

Interface Challenge

Write a graphical interface to calculate and convert between units.

As an example convert jogging pace, speed and time for selected distances

  1. Pace may be in min/km or min/mile
  2. Speed may be km/hour or mile/hour
  3. Distance may be km or mile, with standard distances 1km, 1mlie, 5km, 10km, 10mile, half marathon, marathon
  4. Time will be in hours, minutes and seconds

The user may enter any one of pace, speed or time for distance.
The pace, speed and time are then calculated for all distances.
The user can also change between metric and imperial units.

Calculating the conversions is part of the challenge, but the biggest part is designing a clear, intuative and easy-to-use interface, maybe with some graphics to make it fun to use.

Community Suggestion

By Jibba Jabba

Write an animation that shows how the Stack object works.

By Nonki

Draw a graph for y = arctan x.
Or for other functions in Small Basic.

By Coding Cat

Build Your Own Tetris.
My challenge to the community is to build your own take on the classic game Tetris.
Not so much rebuilding the original, but rather taking the basic idea of falling blocks on a grid and make something new that is all your own.
To get things started, and to help out the newbies I worked up a basic version that anyone can start from: Import Code for ProtoTetris: NHH842

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