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Challenge 2015-05

File Challenge

The following file operations are not present in Small Basic, can you write subroutines to perform these operations?

WARNING – Please be super careful testing your code not to delete anything accidentally – work only in a new folder you create for your tests.

  • FileExist
  • DirectoryExist
  • CopyDirectory
  • FileRename
  • DirectoryRename

Graphical Challenge

  • Write a program to ‘click and drag’ a shape in the GraphicsWindow.
  • Perhaps then use this code to create a simple game where the player positions objects on the screen to win, perhaps like a small jigsaw puzzle.

Math Challenge

  • Can you help write some simple programs to help test young students arithmetic – lots of colour, interaction etc.
    See this thread for some reference.

Captcha Challenge

  • Write a captcha program.
    This is anything that a person could answer, but a computer couldn’t.
    It can be a picture with hidden text or many other questions like a simple math sum etc.

Text Challengs

  • Write a TextWindow program to get the computer to play Fiz Buz.
    Numbers are output in order 1, 2, 3 etc and every number that is divisble by 3 is relaced by ‘Fiz’ and ‘Buz’ for 5 and ‘FizBuz’ if both apply.
    Perhaps also try some other variants.
  • HINT: Check out the Math.Remainder method.

Game Challenge

  • Write a simple poker or other card game.
  • Include the computer as a player with AI if possible.

Community Suggestion

By Ed Price

  • Write a Dragon Game.
    It can be any game where you try to slay a dragon, whether it is a text-based game, graphical, or a combination.
    You could also make the dragon the hero.

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