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Challenge 2015-04

Small Challenges

  1. Write a TextWindow program to read in 2 times of the day (24 hour clock) and calculate the number of minutes between the 2 times, eg 10:25 and 14:12 is 227 minutes.
  2. Write a GraphicsWindow program to mimic a touch-tone telephone.

Musical Challenge

Write a graphical interface program to play the tuning notes for some instruments, for example:

  • Guitar
  • Violin
  • Trumpet

Graphics Challenge

  1. Using the Flickr object now working in version 1.1, white a simple slide show in the GraphicsWindow.
  2. As an extra challenge try adding some fancy transitions like fade in/out, swipe, sprial in etc.

Game Challenge

Write a slot machine game – pull the handle, spin the wheels and win win win.

Community Suggestion

  1. by Pappa Lapub – Stegano Image
    Below there a 2 images (a black and a white one, but could be any monochrome picture) that look rather boring. But both of them contain a very, very, .. OK & very important and secret message.
    Simply write a SB program to reveal and view the hidden contents.
    Hint: The red component in some parts of the image(s) is NOT as it should be on a pure black (or white/monochrome) image! Maybe even try to show the solution(s) in colors (eg. red, green; blue, yellow like on a MS flag)
    PS: To impede cheating there’s also included a simple ‘flood protection’. To create a similar image yourself, you would need LitDev Ext and ~ 10-20 lines of code.
  2. by Pappa Lapub – NoSleep
    Imagine you are running a huge download or another unattended process and you want to avoid that your computer gets to sleep or hibernation, while you’re away.
    Write a simple SB program, that keeps your system awake in the meantime.
  3. by Nonki – Write a simple Logo interpreter which has following 6 commands:
    1. FORWARD n (to move the turtle n pixels)
    2. RIGHT n (to rotate the turtle right n degrees)
    3. LEFT n (to rotate the turtle left n degrees)
    4. PENUP (to lift the pen up)
    5. PENDOWN (to set the pen down)
    6. REPEAT n [commands] (to repeat commands n times)

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