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Challenge 2015-03

2015_03_01Text Challenges

  1. Write a program to CAPITALISE the first letter of each word in a sentence.
  2. Write a program the center some text in the GraphicsWindow or in the TextWindow.

Graphics Challenge

  • Write a program to draw a spriagraph picture.

Math Challenges

  1. Write a program to validate a credit card number, see this link.
  2. DiscussioneWrite an equation solver that can solve the following two simultaneous equations for x an y when the user enters the coefficients A, B, C and D, E, F.
    Ax + By = C and Dx + Ey = F

Battleship board gameGame Challenge

  • Write a battleships game.
    You will need to consider how it will work with 2 players or play against the computer.

Community Suggestion

  1. By Nonki – Draw a picture of doll[s].
  2. By Coding Cat – Easy: A real time countdown lock.
  3. By Coding Cat – Hard: Using the countdown clock as a theme for a game.

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