Challenge 2015-02

2015-02-02Small Challenges

  1. Write a program to read several pieces of input from the user and decide if each input is a number or not.
  2. Write a program to calculate the first 20 triangular numbers.
  3. Write a program to draw a windmill with moving sails.
  4. Write a program to list all of your Small Basic files.

Physics Challenge

  • Write a program to fire a missile at a target taking into account gravity.
    The user sets the trajectory angle before firing the missile.
    Perhaps the target will be moving.

Game Challenge

  • Write a clone of the game 2048.

Commulty Suggestion

by Nonki

  • Write a PPM (portable pixmap format) bitmap icon (16×16) editor.
    PPM is a text format which can save RGB color bitmap.
    Following code is a sample PPM.

2015-02-01by Jibba Jabba

  • Write a Hangman game

by Pappa Laupub

  1. Write an Mp3 size calculator to calculate one of the values of filesize, playing duration and bitrate from the other both.
    Eg. enter playing time [sec] or [min] and bitrate to determine an approximate filesize in eg. bytes, kB, MB as result. etc…
  2. Write a simple program to view the contents of your ‘hosts’ file and add at least one function you might find useful. eg. look up if a certain address is listed, add a server address to be blocked, etc.
    PS: Better don’t write to your original hosts file directly, but use eg. hosts_YYMMDD.txt or similar instead and replace it manually later (always backup the original before changes).
    Furher reading: eg. Hosts

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