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Challenge 2015-01

Small Challenge

Write a TextWindow program to read in some numbers from a user.
It continues to read them in until the user enters something that isn’t a number.
When a set of numbers are input, calculate the average of the numbers and ask the user if they want to do it again.
Try to do it without using any GoTo statements; use Arrays, While, If and For statements.

Intermediate Challenge

Write a program to record key strokes and replay them later.
Prefereably replay with the same time intervals, like a Macro Record and Play.

2015_01_1 Game Challenge

Write a maze game that is navigated by the turtle, using arrow keys.
Perhaps add a timer to see how quickly the player can navigate the maze.
The trickiest bit will be preventing the turtle cross maze boundaries – perhaps share suggestions for this bit.

Graphics Challenge

Draw some Lissajous Figures in the GraphicsWindow.


Community Suggestions

by Nonki

  1. Draw a sine curve in TextWindow.
  2. Draw ASCII art in TextWindow.
  3. Create a simple text browser for TextWindow which shows only text from an internet page.

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