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Challenge 2014-11

Small Challenges

  • Write a program using the While statement to read numbers from the user until they enter a number between 5 and 10 (inclusive).
  • Write a program with several buttons to change the GraphicsWindow background colour.
  • Re-write the buttons program so that it is as easy as possible to add new buttons.
    Hint: use an array of buttons.
  • Write a program to count the number of words, letters and vowels in a sentence.

Itermediate Challenges

  • Write a program to calculate the mean (average) of some user entered numbers.
    Can you also calculate the mode (most common) and median (middle of the numbers when ordered).
  • Write an alarm clock program.
  • Write a GUI (Graphical User Interface) with Buttons and TextBoxes or whatever you need to set the alarm clock program.

Physics Challenge

Write a program to model the movement of a yo-yo.
Try to get the rotation consistent with the up and down movement, and perhaps even add the jerk required when the yo-yo is fuly extended to keep it going.

The idea is not necessarily the exact physics, but something that unmistably looks like a yo-yo in action, maybe even some tricks.

Graphics Challenge

Write a graphical program that could be used as a screen saver.
Perhaps copy one of the existing MS screen savers or create your own.
It should be mostly black (to save the screen) with some movement to show the PC is active.

Game Challenge

Write a Puzzle Bobble game.

Community Suggestions

By Nonki

  • Match file names with wild card “*” or “?” in Program.Directory and make a list as an array.
    “*” matches any characters including null and “?” matches any character.
  • Make a polyline editor.
    Edited polyline can be saved and opened as a file.
  • Make a world clock.

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