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Challenge 2014-10

Number Challenge

Write a program to convert between Roman Numerals and numbers.

Game Challenge

Write a ‘moon lander’ type program.

Graphical Challenge 1

Make an animated growing tree.
From seed to seedling to sapling to tree with branches.
Tip: Perhaps consider using zoom and opacity with the animation.

Graphical Challenge 2

Make a color wheel or color cube.
You may need to use GetPixel, SetPixel and GetColorFromRGB methods in the GraphicsWindow object.
Can you find a faster way (not using extensions of course).

Use this with the ‘Introducing Small Basic’ paint program that comes with the installation (copied below) to select brush colours.

GraphicsWindow.MouseMove = OnMouseMove
GraphicsWindow.MouseDown = OnMouseDown

Sub OnMouseDown
   prevX  = GraphicsWindow.MouseX
   prevY  = GraphicsWindow.MouseY

Sub OnMouseMove
   If(Mouse.IsLeftButtonDown) Then
      GraphicsWindow.DrawLine(prevX, prevY,  x, y)

Community Suggestion

By Nonki

  1. Make a TODO list management program
  2. Draw (or fill) a pentagon
  3. Make a Sunrise Animation.

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