Challenge 2014-10

Number Challenge

Write a program to convert between Roman Numerals and numbers.

Game Challenge

Write a ‘moon lander’ type program.

Graphical Challenge 1

Make an animated growing tree.
From seed to seedling to sapling to tree with branches.
Tip: Perhaps consider using zoom and opacity with the animation.

Graphical Challenge 2

Make a color wheel or color cube.
You may need to use GetPixel, SetPixel and GetColorFromRGB methods in the GraphicsWindow object.
Can you find a faster way (not using extensions of course).

Use this with the ‘Introducing Small Basic’ paint program that comes with the installation (copied below) to select brush colours.

Community Suggestion

By Nonki

  1. Make a TODO list management program
  2. Draw (or fill) a pentagon
  3. Make a Sunrise Animation.

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