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Challenge 2014-09

Text Challenge

Write a program to read and write an array of Small Basic data to and from a csv file.

Variable Type Challenge

Write a program that checks a Small Basic variable and determines if it is an array or not:

  • If it is an array, then the number of elements is reported
  • If it is not an array, then it is checked to see if it is a number or not
  • If it is a number, then it is determined if it is positive or negative and if it is an integer or decimal number

Graphics Challenge 1

Draw a flower.

Graphics Challenge 2

Draw a traffic light that changes through the correct lighting sequence, perhaps using the Timer object.

Game Challenge

Write a simple stick mad fighting game.  see some recent posts for some ideas on this.

Community Suggestions

by Nonki

  1. Write a program to find an absolute path from an input relative path.  While it is assumed that the current path is Program.Directory.
    For example, if the current directory is “C:\Users\Nonki\Documents”,
    Input “..” → Output “C:\Users\Nonki”
    Input “test” → Output C:\Users\Nonki\Documents\test”
  2. Draw (or fill) a Trapezoid.
  3. Make a kitchen timer.

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