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Challenge 2014-08

Text Challenge

  1. Read a sentence from the user, then create an array with one entry for each word in the sentence.
  2. Then output the words in random order to create a nonsense sentence.

Math Challenge

  1. Write a program to add 2 binary numbers, such as: 01001 + 00011 = 01100
  2. Write a program to multiply a binary number by 10, 100, 1000 (in binary), like: 01101 * 10 = 11010
  3. Write a program, using the methods above in subroutines to multiply any 2 binary numbers.

Graphics Challenge 1

Draw a pyramid of blocks, perhaps like this:

Graphics Challenge 2

Draw a eye that winks when clicked by the mouse.

Community Suggestions

by Pappa Lapub

  1. MouseLogger / MouseTracks Recorder: Click on empty opened GW multiple times while recording these clicks in the background.
    When finished, initiate playback to repeat all previous clicks by a Shape or Turtle (with or w/o trails or press eg. 1,2,3 or 4 to support any of the 4 possibilities).
    Playback should not only support correct click positions but also original speed (timespan between clicks).
  2. ReadRegExpand: Export a registry key with ‘REG_EXPAND_SZ’ data to a TXT file and write a program to make it’s content human readable. eg. HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\.bmp\ShellNew should be one of the first (when searching for ‘Data’: @%systemroot% to find such REG_EXPAND key).
    Resulting output in this case should be similar to: “ItemName”=hex(2):@%systemroot%\system32\mspaint.exe,-59414
  3. 2D TextEffect/Animation: Everyone knows a movie crawl where a message for ET fades out into eeeendless space or like the “(3D) TextScreenSaver” in Windows.
    Write a program with some text animation(s) e.g. using Animate, Zoom, Color, Rotate, Opacity, FontProps etc. or in fullscreen (screensaver like) mode.
    Sample: VHK875 (works soLaLa online, but better in offline mode

by Nonki

  1. Create a program which searches not used subroutines and list them from a Small Basic source file.
  2. Create a 99 Bottles of Beer program.
  3. Draw (or fill) a Parallelogram.

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