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Challenge 2014-04

Curriculum Challenges 3.4

  1. Use the Timer event to provide a countdown with the remaining time displayed in a GraphicsWindow.
  2. Use the Mouse events to draw rectangles on the GraphicsWindow, mouse down to start the top left and mouse up to finish with the bottom right corner.
  3. Use the key events to make a ‘code typewriter’ that displays a different letter to the one typed using a simple conversion like reversing alphabet a->z, b->y, c-> x etc.
  4. Use the button events to display 11 buttons (0-9 and .) laid out like a number keypad to enter numbers using the mouse.

Text Challenge

Write a units converter program, where the user can select the units to convert and enter a value for conversion.
Perhaps lengths, weights or currency.

Graphics Challenge

Write a graphical ‘dashboard’ with buttons and textboxes as required to control a school bell timing system.
The resulting system should then sound a bell at the required intervals that can be configured by the interface.
The configuration(s) should be saved and loaded to a file.

 Physics Challenge

Write a program to calculate the distance traveled when the user enters an acceleration profile.
For example: 2m/s/s for 5 sec, then 0m/s/s for 3 sec, then -4m/s/s for 1 sec
Answer 63m

Game Challenge

Write a vertical scrolling game with obstacles that appear from above and move down.
The player must dodge the obstacles by using arrow keys, probably just left and right.

Community Suggestions

by Nonki

  1. Create a program to remove automatically added comments from downloaded Small Basic source program such as following manner.

    ' The following line could be harmful and has been automatically commented.
    '   _buf = File.ReadContents(filename)


       _buf = File.ReadContents(filename)
  2. Make a chess clock.
  3. Create a program to measure and calculate tempo [quarter note (crotchet)/minute] of Sound.PlayMusic().
    In other words, count how many quarter notes (such as “C4”) can be played in a minute.

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