Challenge 2013-12

Curriculum Challenges 2.6

  1. Write a program to display 9 Flickr images in a 3 by 3 grid scaled to fit in a grid within the GraphicsWindow.
  2. Load the 9 Flickr images into an array of ImageList objects and then show one of the images to fill the GraphicsWindow when the user clicks one of the 9 images.
  3. Make a program that continuously scrolls Flickr images from left to right continuously downloading images – make it as smooth as possible.

Text Challenges

  1. Draw a face in the TextWindow.
    Consider using colours (TextWIndow.ForegroundColor and TextWindow.BackgroundColor), suitable characters (Text.GetCharacter) and careful positioning (TextWindow.CursorLeft and TextWindow.CursorRight).

Graphical Challenges

  1. Write a program that show a reflection of a picture you draw.
  2. Draw a snowflake with 6 sided symmetry.

Maths Challenges

  1. Write a program to calculate the largest number of prime numbers in 1 minute.

Physics Challenges

  1. Write a program to simulate a hot air balloon.
    Perhaps include a burner.
    • The balloon goes up when the total displaced mass of air is greater than the mass of the balloon+basket (Buoyancy).  See herehere or here for some ideas.
    • The mass of air in the balloon goes down when it is heated (Thermal expansion).
    • The air in the balloon slowly cools with time (Conduction, Convection).
    • As we go higher the air thins and the mass of air displaced goes down (The balloon has an altitude limit).

Game Challenge

  1. Write a clone of the Simon game.

Community Suggestions

Anthony Yarrell

  1. Implement the ROT-13 substitution cypher using Small Basic.
    For those who are interested, check out the Wikipedia page for ROT-13 which gives lots of details for how it works.

Community Suggestions


  1. Calculate the frequency of other pitches while pitch A is 440.00Hz.
  2. Create a control called “Radio Button”.
  3. Develop an operation between colors.

Community Suggestions

Jibba Jabba

  1. Build an extensible drop-down menu

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