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Challenge 2013-05

Curriculum Challenge 1.4

  1. Write a program that loops through the first 100 numbers, 1, 2, 3 … 99, 100.
    It then Writes out to the TextWindow every number that is a multiple of 3 or 7.
  2. Write a program that gets some text input by the user and loops through each character and counts the number of vowels a, e, i, o or u.

DiscussioneSmall Challenge 1

Write a program that finds all the numbers less than 1000 that contain only digits that sum to 10, e.g. 55, 73, 137, but not 423.
How many are there?

Small Challenge 2 (from last month)

Write a program to play a ‘guess the word’ game, by obtaining Flickr pictures of the word and displaying them, or displaying part of the dictionary definition of the word, or the number of letters in the word, or which vowels it contains or any other hints you can think of.
Give each hint out and check if the guess is right before giving a new hint.

Intermediate Challenge 1

Write a program to display a menu that a till operator might use in a restaurant.
They click on the items the customer wants and it works out the bill.

Physics Challenge

Back to basics – write a program where a ball can roll down an inclined slope – use an image for the ball and show it rotating as it accelerates while rolling.
To make it tougher try the ball on different angled slopes – it should accelerate faster on the steeper slopes.

Game Challenge

Write a clone of the MS game MineSweep.

Community Suggestion 1

By Nonki

  1. Make a simple addition game with 20 questions (from 1+1 to 9+9) and measuring time.
  2. Draw a picture of the earth and the moon.
  3. Make a 30-second animation.

Community Suggestion 2

By NaochanON

Make a shape (for example ; car, man, animal…etc), move, and rotate it.

Image….   below.

Community Suggestion 3

By Jibba Jabba

  1. Curriculum Challenge 3.4 Events and Interactivity.
    Write an email address validation program.  And maybe invite/challenge other members to test and break it.
  2. Graphical Challenge
    Draw a house with doors, windows etc that when you click on them you turn the lights on, open/close the doors etc.

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