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Challenge 2013-03

Small Challenge 1

Write a program to ask the user for their age and date of birth.
Confirm that they are telling the truth or not.

Small Challenge 2

Write a program to convert a user input text to a set of musical notes using the Sound.PlayMusic method.

Small Challenge 3

Write a program to calculate triangular numbers.

Curriculum Challenge 1.2

Write a program that:

  1. Positions the TextWindow in the middle of the screen.
  2. Set the Pen colour to red and background colour to yellow.
  3. Asks for a number and then some text.
  4. Displays the input number (Cyan, column 10) and text (Green, column 30) in different colours on the same line at different column positions.

Graphical Challenge 1

Write a program to show a fire with flames.

DiscussioneGraphical Challenge 2

Write a program with an arrow that rotates to always point towards the mouse.

Physics Challenge

Make a graphical program with some scales and some blocks.
When the user adds the blocks to the scales they will rotate to the heavier side.
Assume the blocks have the same density so their mass is proportional to their area so you can have different sized or shaped blocks.
If you fancy a harder challenge, then make a see-saw where the weights can be added at different distances from the central pivot.

Game Challenge

Write a copy of the classic Binatone football game (my favorite), or one of the others.

Community Challenges

By Nonki

  1. Paint graphics window with color gradations.
  2. Make a most simple web browser for a most simple HTML file.
  3. Make a program to simulate Brownian motion.
  4. Create a metronome.

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