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Challenge 2013-02

Small Challenge 1

Write a program to read and write the time your program was last used to a file.
When the program starts, display a message saying when it was last used.

Small Challenge 2

Draw a picture of a butterfly.

Math Challenge 1

Calculate the sum of all digits in a number.
If this has more than 1 digit, then sum these until you have a single number.

Example: 109443

  • Sum of digits is 1+0+9+4+4+3 = 21
  • Sum of digits is 2+1 = 3
  • Answer = 3

Any number divisible by 3 results in 3 unless it is divisible by 9 in which case the result is 9.

DiscussioneMath Challenge 2

Calculate the square root of a number without using the Math methods (SquareRoot or Power).

Physics Challenge

Create a program that can add basic electrical components (battery, wires, switch and a light).
The user can connect them up and test the circuit.

DiscussioneGraphical Challenge

Create a visually fun clock.

Sound Challenge

Create an old style tone telephone keypad that plays the tones for different numbers.

Text Challenge

Create a random password generator.

Community Challenge 1

By Math Man

Make a program to organize an array alphabetically.

Community Challenge 2

By Amir CPS

  1. Draw a periodic table (Chemistry) and show all the basic properties of the element in a popup box when mouse is clicked on a box.
  2. Draw a heart shape and calculate it’s area.

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