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Challenge 2012-10

Community Suggested Challenge 1

by MathMan

Write a program to calculate the area of a crescent.

Community Suggested Challenge2

by Nonki Takahashi

Write a program to find the divisors of a given number.

Physics Challenge

Write a program to model a weight attached to one end of a spring.  The other end of the spring is stationary.
Extend to the model if you can to have several springs attached to the weight.
Excuse my crude drawing.

Graphics Challenge

Write a program where the turtle tries to follow the mouse.
For more of a challenge, don’t use the Turtle.MoveTo command!

Text Challenge

Write a program to get the user to enter a number and write it out in words, for example 123 is one hundred and twenty three.

DiscussioneMath Challenge 1

Find all the numbers palindromic numbers less than 1000, eg. 1 131, 424 etc (the same forwards as backwards).

Math Challenge 2

Find all the 2 digit numbers that when the digits are reversed and the smaller number subtracted from the larger, the result is 36, for example 15 and 51.
To make it more complex find all the numbers less than 1000, where the difference of the reversed digits is a number entered by the user.

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