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Challenge 2012-09

Basic Challenge 1

Detect any numbers in an input text, for example: “There are 7 days in a week, 52 weeks in a year, and on average 365.25 days in a year.”

Discussione Basic Challenge 2

Enter a number and detect if it is odd or even.

Discussione Basic Challenge 3

Create program to show 4 pictures downloaded from Flickr in a 2 by 2 grid on the GraphicsWindow.

Basic Challenge 4

Calculate the sum of all integer numbers under 1000 that contain a 3.

Basic Challenge 5

Write the times tables (1 to 12).
Hint: Check out TextWindow.CursorLeft to format it.

Physics Challenge

Create a program to simulate waves.
Quite a general challenge so tackle it how you want – could be a water wave (2D) or a wave along a string (1D).

Maths Challenge 1

Convert an input decimal number to a binary number.

Maths Challenge 2

Pi is an irrational number – it cannot be expressed exactly as one integer divided by another (a rational number).
It can however be approximated in this way, for example 22/7 is a good approximation.
The challenge is to find other better rational number (one integer divided by another) approximations to pi.

Maths Challenge 3

Create a program to calculate and plot a Lorentz Strange Attractor (details here).

Graphics Challenge 1

Write a program that types to the GraphicsWindow as you type.

Graphical Challenge 2

Create a frogger game, an example here.

Graphical Challenge 3

Create a graphical tax calculator program.

Assume the following:

  • No tax charged on the first 8k (8000).
  • 20% tax up to a gross income of 40k (only paid on income above 8k).
  • 40% tax up to a gross income of 150k (paid on income between 40k and 150k).
  • 50% tax on a gross income over 150k (paid on income over 150k).

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