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Challenge 2012-08

Text Challenge 1

  1. Measure your type speed with unit words/sec.
  2. Make a list of subroutine names from given Small Basic source file.
  3. Make an indent program which coordinates indentation of given Small Basic source file.

Graphical Challenge 1

  1. Make pictures of four suits marks – club, diamond, heart and spade – of playing card.
  2. Use Shapes and make pictures of animals you like, e.g. a lion, an elephant, a penguin etc.
  3. Generate a maze.
    1. Solve the maze with Turtle.

Physics Challenge

  1. Draw a basketball free throw animation using user input of angle [degree] and speed [m/s] while a backetball has 600 [g] weight and 24 [cm] diameter.
  2. Draw fire works animation.

Hint : you may use same subroutine for those two.

Maths Challenge

Show graphical abacus with digital display and beads will be moved with mouse click.
Abacus have a 5-unit bead and four 1-unit beads for each rod.
Following picture shows zero.  5-unit bead is 0 when it is upper side. 1-unit bead is 0 when it is lower side.


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