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Challenge 2012-07

Easy Challenge

“Write a program to count up nouns in a sentence of text from a user”
If possible, please try the above statements for the first time.

Discussione Easy Math calculation

Apple’s weight is 3oog.  orange’s weight is 200g.
You measured the weight of the apples and oranges by analogue balance.
If total weight is 3200g, how many apples and oranges are there?
(Combination is not limited as one. )
If the full scale of balance is 5000g, what angle does it show? (below 4th figure)

Graphical Challenge

  1. Write a program to demonstrate the answer of above.
  2. Write a program to write the following figures in one stroke.
    1st, 2nd and 3rd figure. (The other one stroke figures may be written)

    1. Easy method…. use turtle.
    2. Challenging method …. using graphicwindow.drawline or line-shape animation.
  3. Discussione Write a program to draw a National Flag

    1. Easy National flags… written with only 2 or 3 colors: Italy, Holland,Ireland,Finland,French,Russia…..
    2. Complex National flags: Greece, USA,United Kingdom,Australia,Panama…
  4. Write a program to make a pyramid using cubes like below image.
    If you can’t make 3D type,  make 2D type
  5. Write a program of  clock  1) or 2).
    1. so called cat’s eye clock (see here)
    2. sundial (see here)
      (what makes a shadow….  Mountain, moai statue, and the rod of 1m …etc anything OK)

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