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Challenge 2012-06

Discussione Text Challenge

Repeat (no answers last month)

Write a program to read in and spell-check a sentence of text from a user.
Hint: Use the Dictionary method as a spell checker to find any miss-spelt words and highlight these for the user.

 Graphical Challenge

Make a picture of a rainbow by drawing shapes on the GraphicsWindow.

Physics Challenge

Calculate the level that a boat will sit in the water as you add cargo to it.
Hint: Assume the boat has a length of 50m and width of 5m and has vertical sides, and its unloaded mass is 100 tonnes.
If cargo crates are 2x2x5 m and weigh 5 tonnes each, how many crates can it hold to not exceed a total draft of 4m.
If you want, also do a graphical display of the boat and crates to scale as it is loaded.

Discussione Maths Challenge

Write a program to accurately calculate the cube root of an input number (between 1 and 1000) without using any of the Math methods.

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