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Challenge 2012-02

First Steps

Write a program that converts centimetres into inches and inches into centimetres.
The user should select which conversion they wish to do and the answers should be displayed with appropriate units.

Easy Challenge

Write a program that calculates the first one hundred prime numbers (no more, no less).

Discussione Community Suggested Challenge (Kiwi Bert)

Create a program that generates 40 random numbers between 01 and 99 (inclusive).
Display them in four rows of ten columns.
They must be in ascending order, and include no duplicates. Any number under 10 must include a leading zero to preserve the symmetry.
Example output below.

Intermediate Challenge 1

Write a program that will draw mathematical curves from straight lines, similar to the pictures below:

Intermediate Challenge 2

Write a program that allows the user to encode/decode a message using the Caesar Cipher with a user given shift/offset.

Advanced Challenge

Write a program that will decode a message from the last challenge without knowing the shift/offset that was used to encode it.
You should use the Frequency Analysis method to improve the probability that the program succeeds and you should assume that the original message was written in English.

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