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Challenge 2011-11

Easy Challenge Discussione

Write a program that will turn and move the turtle according to the user’s input from the TextWindow

Intermediate Challenge

Write a program to create random “songs” using Sounds. There should be a 9/10 chance of the next note being a note close in pitch to the previous one, but a 1/10 chance of the next note being very different in pitch from the previous note.

Modify your program to save the song in any format you choose. For a little more of a challenge, try encrypting the file save. Your program should also be able to open saved files. (HINT! Some Classes you need are: Sounds, Math, and File)

Advanced Challenge 1

Make a connect four game. Before the game starts, your program should give you the option of playing a person or the computer, and choose which color you want (just for a little more challenge). If you don’t know what Connect-4 is, read this wikipedia thing:

Advanced Challenge 2

Try doing a painting program. This program should let you choose color (HINT use an image from the internet for color wheel, or make a little slider for RGB, or let the user enter hexadecimal colors). Also, you should be able to change the size of the current brush.

Modify your program to let you use tools. Some basic tools should be Pencil, Eraser, Brush, Rectangle, Ellipse, Triangle, Line.
Read this wikipedia to help you with ideas:

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